• Campione Invictus 1200

    Campione Invictus 1200, targeted solution for road long-distance lines, has advanced concept in design methodology and construction of the body and beyond the modern design, the curvature and more flowing lines follow the trend of the automotive industry, also resulting in new designs lamps and lanterns. It also has the traditional strength and durability of the Comil line, incorporating further new coatings, increased access to the passenger area and large glass cabin with improved ergonomics for the driver.

    • Length (mm) 12.800 to 15.000mm
    • Width (mm) 2.600mm
    • Height (mm) 3.800mm
  • Campione Invictus 1050

    O Campione Invictus 1050, solução direcionada para linhas rodoviárias de média distância, incorpora os elementos de projeto e design da linha Invictus, presentes também no modelo 1200. Além da tradicional robustez e durabilidade dos produtos Comil, destacam-se o novo design  - marcado por linhas mais fluidas  - novos faróis e laternas que desenham a nova identidade dos produtos Comil, além de novos revestimentos, acesso ampliado ao passageiro e ergonomia aprimorada para o motorista. 

    • Length (mm) 12,800mm to 15,000mm
    • Width (mm) 2,600mm
    • Height (mm) 3,600mm
  • Campione DD

    Conceived in line with the most recente automotive trends in quality, technology and sophistication, the Campione DD was developed to meet the traval needs of high standard passengers. Ideal for long distance and tourism travel, the Campione DD combines safety, luxury, technology and comfort, providing the veru best cost-benefit ratio in the market.

    • Length (mm) 15.000mm
    • Width (mm) 2.600 mm
    • Height (mm) 4.100 mm
  • Campione HD 4.05

    It has an intelligent design, comfort and a broad field of vision. Campione HD is an impressive vehicle designed to ensure the well-being of both passengers and drivers. With a large internal structure, comfortable seats, adequate lighting, and perfect climate control, Campione HD merges quality and technology that is winning over more passengers and adds value to your company.

    • Length (mm) 14,000 mm / 15,000 mm
    • Width (mm) 2,600 mm
    • Height (mm) 4,050 (without AC) / 4,250 (with AC)
  • Campione 3.45

    Campione 3.45 is a vehicle with plenty of internal space that provides comfort, security, and more storage capacity for passengers. With an intelligent design and a broad field of vision, this model follows the latest automotive trends in terms of quality and technology. It combines operational ease and agility with low operation cost.

    • Length (mm) 11,200 mm to 13,200 mm
    • Width (mm) 2,600 mm
    • Height (mm) 3,450 mm (without AC) / 3,650 mm (with AC)
  • Campione 3.25

    The nwe Campione 3:25 is designed perfectly for charter transportation activities. With an intelligent design, comfort, and a broad field of vision, Campione 3:25 follows the latest automotive trends in terms of quality and technology. The model combines operational ease and agility with low operation cost and a large, safe, and comfortable internal structure.

    • Length (mm) 11,200 mm to 13,200 mm
    • Width (mm) 2,600 mm
    • Height (mm) 3,250 mm (without AC) / 3,450 mm (with AC)
  • Versatile

    Modern design, beauty, and sophistication. The Versatile is the perfect vehicle to travel between neighboring cities or metropolitan areas with comfort, safety, and agility. The versatility, as its name indicates, is the main difference of this vehicle, which has excellent performance in terms of strength and durability. A different vehicle with a unique design and the best cost-benefit ratio for its category.

    • Length (mm) 11,200 to 13,200 mm
    • Width (mm) 2,550 mm
    • Height (mm) 3,240 (without AC) / 3,440 (with AC)

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