COMIL's history from its beginning was marked by the courage of two families - Corradi and Mascarello. They made a daring bid to purchase at auction in 1985 the former Incasel bus body factory located in the city of Erechim in the northern part of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Activities started in 1986 with 58 employees on the 5,000 square meters of the original facilities of the former factory. In the first month production was only one car, and by the end of the first year there were 166 units delivered. During this period COMIL opted to continue producing the models that were manufactured by Incasel both in the urban line as well as coach.

Starting in 1987 with the construction of a new factory in the Industrial District of Erechim, where it is located until today, COMIL initiated the development of its first bus models. Since then the company has not stopped growing. The first international customers appeared in 1991 and COMIL started to export to Argentina and Chile.

Throughout its 30 years of operations, the company was renewed itself on several fronts. One was the construction of a production line of micro buses in 1999. Another major milestone of innovation was the installation of the part manufacturing sector within the factory itself.

And that is not all! In 2004 COMIL's coach line became the champion in growth. About 200 units of the model Campione were exported to the Middle East, one of the regions that has one of the greatest potential for purchasing buses in the world.

In 2006 COMIL consolidated its supremacy in the coach segment when it launched the Campione HD 4.05, offering the ultimate bus in design, technology, and comfort.

Currently, production reaches 20 buses/day. It has more than 2,800 employees in an industrial park with 35,000 square meters. With a complete line of coach, intercity, urban, midi, and micro buses, COMIL is present on the roads and streets of more than 30 countries, producing buses that fit each customer perfectly.


In January Comil delivered the first vehicle manufactured in its new plant in Lorena, SP. A milestone for the company, after only one month after its new plant had been inaugurated

Launching of the new Versatile during the sector fair, Transpúblico 2013. This new model brought advanced concepts in project methodologies and body construction in addition to creating a perfect match between design and functional components that contributed for the passengers and drivers comfort.
The most important event this year was the opening of the new Comil Ônibus plant in December in Lorena, SP, which is considered to be the most modern bus plant in Latin America. The event hosted several authorities including the Governor of the state of São Paulo.

The signature of the Letter of Intent was made in July at Palácio dos Bandeirantes, announcing the investment of R$110 millions in the construction of the new factory of Comil in Lorena - SP.

In the year that has completed 25 years old, Comil has celebrated its results, indicated as the best in the sector in 2011. The company has increased its volume of sales and production in 27% in the period, producing 4,1 thousand buses in 2011, according to the data announced by Fabus. In the same year, innovated, presenting a new concept of high standard passenger transportation with the arrival of its first double decker vehicle, Campione DD.

Once again characterized by innovation, the company presents to the market automotive trends of quality and high technology with a new design for the vehicle Campione. Also moving forward in the growth process and in professionalization, COMIL's sales department restructures itself with the following business segments: Coach, Urban, Micro, and Charter.

COMIL receives recognition as the 8th company most remembered by people from the state of Rio Grande do Sul and stands out as one of the 100 largest companies in this state according to the Magazine "Amanhã" publication 257/2009.
Presenting the Svelto Midi, which combines comfort, agility, and a beautiful design, the company enters the segment of Midi buses offering a product for short and medium distances.

The new Svelto hits the road with the best cost-effective technology and design. The new Piá with its new design is also presented to the market and the new HD Vision completes the Campione Vision family. In December 2008 COMIL adopts Corporate Governance principles and alters its corporate entity from a limited liability company to a privately held corporation called COMIL Ônibus S.A.

The company passes two major milestones: production reaches the 25,000 vehicle mark and exceeds the number of 2,000 employees.
This year the Campione Vision was also launched.

The new Versatile is launched. Much more comfortable, safe, and agile, it catches the attention of the intercity transportation companies.
That same year the company is awarded its first ISO 9001:2000 Certification of the standard and demonstrates its concern with staff training and empowerment, continuous improvement, and optimization of internal processes.

Double celebration: 20 years of tradition and a total of 20,000 units produced. Exports this year reached the mark of 1,108 units. This year is also marked by a moment of management with a focus on well-defined strategies guided by the company's values.

This was an important year for COMIL. Besides increasing the manufacturing plant and inaugurating the new administrative building, COMIL's coach bus model consolidates itself as the champion of growth. Sales abroad gain strength and exports to the Middle East begin.

COMIL expands once again: a new pavilion is built for prototypes and tooling. With better conditions for development and modernization, production increases even more: it reaches 15,000 units.

A new phase begins under the command of the Corradi family and the company's focus becomes more on training people, quality processes, and professionalism. The effort made is reflected in the quality of the work and reinforces the company's position in the bus segment.

Besides the micro-bus, COMIL begins producing mini micro-buses with the launch of the Bello models. Total output reaches 10,000 units, which demonstrates the maturity gained. In this same year, the families Corradi and Mascarello formalize the corporate split.

Attentive to market demands, COMIL launches the Piá model and enters the micro-bus segment.

The coach model Campione is presented, reinforcing COMIL's presence in the segment of long distances. After this, growth and success become increasingly more common in COMIL's history.

COMIL enters the market with its intercity model Versatile and, as the name suggests, versatility is its main strength. It is a vehicle designed for trips between neighboring cities or metropolitan regions.

COMIL reaches the historic milestone of 5,000 units produced. It focuses on design and begins to expand in foreign markets.
SUMEPE is created this same year, which is COMIL's Quality Control Circle (QCC) program aimed at improving the processes and products.

The market of articulated buses now becomes another of COMIL's targets and during its 10th anniversary celebrations it launches the articulated bus Doppio, a vehicle that offers economical solutions for the needs of mass transport in large and medium centers.

The sales of the coach bus Galeggiante, released in 1992, gains strength this year, proving the satisfaction of its customers.

The company intensifies the process of seeking knowledge in quality and productivity by bringing Japan's ideas for change to the factory process.
This year was the launch of another of COMIL's coach model, the Galeggiante.

The first bus is produced for export and sold to the company Sanches & Sanches in Chile.

COMIL's new factory is built on a total area of 100,000 m² and all the production is moved to there.

The Svelto model is presented, which took the place of the Cisne and Minuano for COMIL's urban line. This model continues on the market until today and is a leader in this market segment.

The Condottiere is launched, which is the first bus developed by COMIL, which remained on the market for 10 years.

The company initiates the development of the Condottiere, COMIL's first coach model.
In the same year it begins building its new factory in the industrial district of Erechim, where it is located until today.

The company hires 58 employees and already begins with the brand COMIL, giving continuity to the production of the models launched by the former Incasel: Cisne and Minuano (urban line), Continental, Jumbo, Delta, and Colúmbia (coach models). It closes the year with 166 units delivered.

COMIL purchases at an auction the bus body manufacturer Incasel, established in Erechim, and begins the production of a new segment.

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