Buses with a perfect fit.

This is our business.


Take care of every detail of the bus business, building a profitable company and gaining market share.


A relationship of trust is gained through transparency and respect. That is why over the years we conducted our business with perennial ethical values that have given COMIL the reputation as a solid and reliable brand.

  • Simplicity
    This is the natural and simple way to act. To focus on what is essential without complicating things.

  • Transparency
    To speak and act with candor. It has to do with being consistent with what we think, with what we say, and with what we do.

  • Ethics
    Having integrity and respect for people and institutions. It means to have attitudes based on values to build a better world.

  • Responsibility
    It is the commitment to take on what is proposed and given, always doing a job well done.

  • Discipline
    It is the steadfastness and determination to constantly keep to our practices and commitments. It means to be persistent in what you do.

  • Teamwork
    It is the collective effort that enables the exchange of knowledge and agility to meet goals. It is the group's commitment to help each other.

  • Respect for differences
    It is to understand and accept people who are different. Differences help discover things that individually we would be far less likely to do so.



The Code of Ethical Conduct ensures that COMIL's principles and ethical values are respected across all of its relationships: shareholders, managers, employees, dealers, and suppliers. Its purpose is so that everyone understands COMIL's expectations about the proper etiquette when carrying out the company's business. These guidelines support the continuous search for ethical behavior.

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